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School Rules

Specific School Rules

  1. Students are not to arrive at Sellers before 8:00 am, when supervision begins (unless they are participating in the Breakfast Program).
  2. Students arriving before this time must wait in front of the school.
  3. Primary students waiting for an upper elementary student must wait at the front of the school from 1:59 to 2:20 p.m.
  4. Inappropriate or abrasive speech will not be tolerated.
  5. Students need to observe all classroom, playground, cafeteria, and safety rules at all times.
  6. Stay in assigned areas. Students are not to play/loiter near classrooms/portables.
  7. Walk in the hallways and on the black top.
  8. Keep our campus clean.
  9. Students are to use recess primarily for getting drinks, using the restroom, and safe play.
  10. Inappropriate or rough play will not be permitted.

Playground Rules

  1. All playground play stops when the bell rings and students are to "freeze" from all activities. When a whistle blows, kids are to walk to their assigned line up location.
  2. Balls should not be kicked while playing on the blacktop.
  3. Students are requested to stay out of the hallways and away from the buildings during recess except to use the restrooms.
  4. Students will not loiter in the restrooms at any time.
  5. All games remain open until they exceed the maximum size for safe play as determined by the supervisors.
  6. Unsafe activities such as tackle football, wipe out, keep away, red rover, crack the whip, or riding on another's back are not allowed.
  7. Students are not permitted to take food from the cafeteria to eat on the playground.
  8. Jump ropes are allowed when used appropriately.
  9. Students must not throw rocks, sticks, or other dangerous projectiles.